Mark F. Fischer, Ph.D.

 St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California  93012


This page includes the chapters of the 1983 dissertation "Hans-Georg Gadamer and the Catholic Theology of Tradition."  To access the Chapters, click on the links below:

Prefatory Matter

Introduction to the Dissertation

Introduction to Part One: Hans-Georg Gadamer and the Decline of Tradition

I. Tradition v. Unlimited Intellectual Freedom

II. The Enlightenment's Critique of Tradition

III. The Rise of Historicism

Summary of Part One

Introduction to Part Two: The Philosophical Rehabilitation of Tradition

IV. Hegel and the Rationality of Tradition

V. Hegel, Heidegger, and the Consciousness of History

VI. Heidegger and the Ambiguity of Tradition

VII. Gadamer and the Idea of Tradition

Summary of Part Two

Introduction to Part Three: A Reconsideration of the Modern Theology of Tradition

VIII. Active and Objective Tradition

IX. Historical and Dogmatic Tradition

X. The Sufficiency of Tradition and Scripture

Summary of Part Three

Introduction to Part Four: Catholic Hermeneutics

XI. Application and the Distinction between Active and Objective Tradition

XII. Effective History and the Distinction between Historical and Dogmatic Tradition

XIII. Authority and the Distinction between Formal and Material Sufficiency

Summary of Part Four

Conclusion to the Dissertation