Introduction to Parish Pastoral Councils
with Mark F. Fischer

Welcome to this Introduction to Parish Pastoral Councils.  My name is Mark Fischer, and I've worked with councils for 25 years.  In this course, you'll learn the basics about parish pastoral councils as reflected in the official documents of the Catholic Church.

The online course about parish pastoral councils is divided into the following units:

  1. The Origins of the Pastoral Council

  2. The Purpose of Parish Pastoral Councils

  3. The Role of the Pastor in the PPC

  4. The Role of the Members in the PPC

  5. The Selection of Councillors

  6. Consultation by the Pastor

  7. Meetings of the Pastoral Council

  8. Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Parish Staff

Your resources for the course are the materials I've collected at, as well as my book of 2001, entitled Pastoral Councils in Today's Catholic Parish.  Links on the course pages will take you to the relevant chapters of the book, or you can download the entire book as a PDF by clicking on this link


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